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Since 1996, Pinnacle Consulting has been providing high quality, comprehensive CAD services to the environmental, civil engineering and architectural design communities. We have dedicated our efforts to delivering unmatched quality drawings and customer service. Our core services include design drafting, GIS mapping, 3-D visualization, BIM modeling, rendering, training, customized applications and complete consulting services.
We deliver the traditional benefits of outsourcing - precise technical expertise when and only when you need it. We also understand that your organization's business and technical landscape will change - and sometimes very quickly. We're ready to adjust our resources on-the-fly without any headaches so they're aligned with your current needs. Whether your firm needs temporary help shoring up a CAD project or specialized design expertise to complete a project, Pinnacle will offer a flexible solution that meets all of your needs.
Our most powerful asset is the people that make up our team. Our staff is highly skilled in the use of AutoCAD, Revit, ADT, Land Development Desktop and Civil 3D and GIS. Our staff also has a in-depth understanding of engineering and architectural design concepts.
We customize our services to the specific requirements of each client. Pinnacle offers the flexibility of working on site at your office or at our state-of-the-art facility. Either way, you can expect efficient and high quality work from us. We have successfully created a niche for providing superior out-sourced cad services without the “out-source problems”. We are considered a part of the team at all of our clients. At Pinnacle Consulting, we fully realize the reason for our success:  relationships, client commitment, and consistent quality are the cornerstone of our company.
Our mission: To provide our clients with a viable and reliable alternative resource for the highest quality and most comprehensive CAD support.
Our services
  1. Design staffing services
    Design staffing services
    We have the right professional CAD designers on staff to help you meet your project needs. Whether it be for one day or one year, we have the right "just in time" solution.
  2. CAD training
    CAD training
    We offer a unique customized training approach designed to bring immediate impact to your productivity. We integrate your discipline and work process into our training program
  3. CAD standards and Productivity
    CAD standards and Productivity
    You spend time and money to have CAD technology. We want to make sure you are using this technology as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will make sure you are maximizing your CAD potential
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